Request me as a Speaker


My greatest satisfaction comes from helping others get over their stage fright or fear of public speaking, so that they can go on to achieve greater success in their lives. Developing your communication skills; both verbally and non verbally, will give you that added edge necessary to beat out your competition. Thirty years in show business has given me a wealth of knowledge that I have molded into workshops that are not only fun, but trans-formative.

I have done programs for conferences, colleges, and small businesses and I am more than willing to focus on what you “the client” would like. Whether your organizations needs a speaker for an hour, an afternoon or a whole weekend I have a program right for you. Just think how your company would benefit from having employees that are better spoken, more confident, and motivated.

Please call me at 516-732-2396 to discuss my speaking at your function.

Two special programs for Halloween

I am a story teller extraordinaire and an amateur history buff who utilizes my professional training as an actress to bring history to life.

With the Fall season fast approaching I am now taking bookings for a new program I have developed based on Henry Hudson and his weird experiences in the Catskill Mountains while he sailed the Hudson on the Half Moon.

This program is a perfect choice for the month of October and the Halloween season as it is a true New York piece of history and a little bit spooky all at the same time.

I am available to give this presentation to schools, libraries, and even private parties. It would be the perfect accompaniment for a theme party or a Halloween Bash. It is guaranteed to be fun and educational.

If interested please call me at 516-732-2396 for my availability.


Another offering I have for the Halloween season is a very dramatic rendition of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

This is also a wonderful choice for schools and libraries wanting to offer both an educational and entertaining program.

If interested please call me at 516-732-2396 for my availability.


One response to “Request me as a Speaker

  1. Respected Margaret Blackwire,

    I am Dr Philips Walker from the Middlesex University Here in London
    UK. We want you to be our guest Speaker at this Year Middlesex
    University Seminar which will take place here in UK. We are writing to
    invite and confirm your booking to be our guest Speaker at this year’s

    Middlesex University.

    The Venue as follows:
    VENUE: Middlesex University in London, The Burroughs, London NW4 4 BT
    Expected audience: 850 people
    Duration of speech per speaker: 1 Hour
    Name of Organization: Middlesex University.
    Date:19th June 2011

    We came across your profile on and
    we say it’s up to standard and we will be very glad to have such an
    outstanding personality in our mist for these overwhelming gathering.
    Arrangements to welcome you here will be discussed as soon as you
    honor our invitation. If you have any more publicity material, please
    do not hesitate to contact us.

    A formal Letter of invitation and Contract agreement would be sent to
    you as soon as you honor our Invitation. We are taking care of your
    traveling and Hotel Accommodation expenses including your Speaking
    Fee. If you will be available for our event, include your speaking
    fees In your email so it can be included in your CONTRACT AGREEMENT.

    Stay Blessed
    Dr Phillips Walker
    Middlesex University.

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